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The Drink Nation Experiment!

Calling all cocktail enthusiasts and spirits professionals! Celebrated mixologist Philip Raimondo and I are starting a social reach-out called The Drink Nation Experiment – and we need your help!

Based primarily on Facebook and Twitter, the experiment calls for friends and colleagues to let us know ANYTHING you see that is cool, unique and cutting edge in the land of beverage – from a great cocktail, a unique drink garnish, a new type of coffee service, a tasty non-alcoholic beverage.

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From craft cocktail bars to nightclubs to hotels to dive bars… it’s an amazing scene of cool cocktails, unique beverages and bars out there. Mobile technology and the use of social media makes it even easier to share what’s unique and hot, with friends, family and colleagues.

This 6 month experiment will showcase our findings and picks of the very best of the best in the world of beverage from what you share. We will then narrow the findings to our Top 40 picks presented in a presentation at this year’s Flavor Experience Conference and on the Drink Nation Facebook Page.

So answer this and share with us: what is the coolest thing you’ve seen, drank and experienced around the beverage world?

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Looking forward to seeing all your great drink discoveries ! -Kathy