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Chia Garden Cooler

This drink is also great with 1- 2 ounces of your favorite  vodka added substituted for some of the limeade.
Makes 1 drink

2-3 each fresh basil leaves
3 each cucumber slices
7 oz Sun Orchard Fresh Limeade (recipe follows)
1 oz soda water
Garnish: 1 Tbsp Plumped Chia Seeds*, cucumber spear, basil leaf

Lightly tear the basil leaves and cucumber slices then drop into glass.
Measure in calamansi limeade.
Fill with ice then muddle with bar spoon.
Top with Plumped Chia Seeds.

Sun Orchard Fresh Limeade
Makes 11.5 cups

2 cup Sun Orchard Fresh Lime Juice
2 1/4 cups Sun Orchard Liquid Sucrose
7 cups water

Mix together and hold refrigerated for up to 5 days.

 *To plump chia seeds: Soak 2 Tbsp Chia Seeds with HOT 1cup water. Let sit for 1 hour then refrigerate.

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